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Therapeutic Targets Database
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Therapeutic Target Database

A database to provide information about the known and explored therapeutic protein and nucleic acid targets, the targeted disease, pathway information and the corresponding drugs directed at each of these targets. Also included in this database are links to relevant databases containing information about target function, sequence, 3D structure, ligand binding properties, enzyme nomenclature and drug structure, therapeutic class, clinical development status. All information provided are fully referenced.

Statistics of this database

This database currently contains 2,589 targets (including 397 successful, 723 clinical trial, and 1,469 research targets), and 31,614 drugs (including 2,071 approved, 9,528 clinical trial, 17,803 experimental drugs). 20,278 small molecules and 653 antisense drugs are with available structure or oligonucleotide sequence.

The database incorporates the ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM codes of the International Classification of Diseases (covering 2,537 disease conditions, 2,163 targets, and 14,108 drugs), and the pathway classification system of KEGG, MetaCyc/BioCyc, NetPath, PANTHER pathway, PathWhiz, PID, Reactome, and WikiPathways pathway (covering 302 KEGG, 211 MetaCyc/BioCyc, 26 NetPath, 134 PANTHER pathway, 99 PathWhiz, 222 PID, 578 Reactome, and 524 WikiPathways pathway entries, 1,428 targets and 19,903 drugs). Moreover, this database contains biomarkers (1,755 biomarkers for 365 disease conditions), drug scaffolds (210 scaffolds for 714 drugs and leads), 1,008 nature-derived agents, 20,818 multi-target agents against 385 target-pairs, and the activity data of 1,436 agents against 297 cell-lines.

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Yang H, Qin C, Li YH, Tao L, Zhou J, Yu CY, Xu F, Chen Z, Zhu F, and Chen YZ. Therapeutic target database update 2016: enriched resource for bench to clinical drug target and targeted pathway information. Nucleic Acids Res. (Jan 4 2016) 44(D1):D1069-74. PubMed.

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Part of the datasets used for the biomarker analyses were obtained from dbGaP through its accession numbers such as phs000299.v2.p1.


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