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SynonymsDB00999; Pantemon; H1274; Hydro-Aquil; NCGC00021906-08; NCGC00015508-07; Ro-hydrazide; Aquazide-H; LS-243; NCGC00021906-07; Aquarills; Tandiur; D006852; Neo-codema; Lopac-H-4759; DivK1c_000289; Aquarius; AB00052012; NCI60_004317; Hydrozide; Hydro-chlor; Hydro Par; Dichlotiazid; Cidrex; Thiuretic; Esidrix; Carozide; Dihydrochlorurit; Spironazide; KBio2_003925; Chlorizide; Apo-Hydro; adiazine-1,1-dioxide; 6-Chloro-7-sulfamoyl-3, 4-dihy; Spectrum_000877; BAS 00371709; Sectrazide; Medozide; Chlorzide; Mictrin; Idrotiazide; Dihydrochlorurite; Dichlothiazide; Urozide; Neoflumen; HydroDIURIL; Hidroclorotiazida [INN-Spanish]; NCGC00015508-03; Condiuren; Hydrochlorothiazid; Aldectazide 50/50; HMS500O11; Mikorten; SAM002554901; Novodiurex; NCGC00021906-04; Drenol; Aldazida; Oprea1_357174; dro-2H-1,2,4-benzothiadiazine 1,1-dioxide; Component of Butizide Prestabs; panurin dichloride; BSPBio_000017; KBioSS_001357; NINDS_000289; UNII-0J48LPH2TH; WLN: T66 BSWM EM DHJ HG ISZW; Disalunil; Spectrum3_000456; component of Cyclex; Mazide 25 mg; BIDD:GT0153; Acesistem; Ambap58-93-5; Hydropres; NCGC00021906-06; Prestwick0_000009; Raunova Plus; Idroclorotiazide [DCIT]; Hydro-Diuril; Thiaretic; Dichlotride; Hydrochlorthiazide; component of Dyazide; Hydrochlorat; Inderide 80/25; Hidrosaluretil; Apresazide; NSC53477; CID3639; I09-0531; Hydro-D; Dihydrochlorothiazid; Dihydroxychlorothiazidum; AF-614/30832002; Vetidrex; Hidroclorotiazida; Idroclorotiazide; Natrinax; Hidrochlortiazid; Lotensin HCT; EU-0100614; Selozide; Chlothia; Hydrozide Injection, Veterinary; Neo-Flumen; KBioGR_000351; SPBio_001259; Didral; 125727-50-6; Acuretic; Indroclor; ARONIS24316; Diclotride; 3,4-Dihydrochlorothiazide; KBio1_000289; Megadiuril; HCT; AC1L1GDT; 58-93-5; Maybridge Compound 10; Dichlorosal; Hydrochlorothiazide Intensol; AC-11072; Nefrix; Microzide (TN); D00340; Hidro-Niagrin; Dihydrochlorothiazidum; Fluvin; SMR000035778; NCGC00015508-01; 8049-49-8; Diu-melusin; Prestwick3_000009; CAS-58-93-5; Chlorosulthiadil; Oretic; Bio-0714; BRN 0625101; SPECTRUM1500335; Timolide; Neo-Minzil; NCGC00021906-05; Briazide; NCGC00015508-02; component of Aldoril; Diaqua; Esidrex; Hypothiazide; H 4759; Hydrex-semi; Hydrochlorothiazide (JP15/USP/INN); BPBio1_000019; AKOS000121373; Direma; Spectrum2_001040; Unazid; Diurogen; component of Aldactazide; Su 5879; Microzide; Thlaretic; Hydrosaluric; NSC 53477; Diu 25 Vigt; Prestwick2_000009; KBio2_001357; Saldiuril; Hydril; Hydrochlorothiazidum [INN-Latin]; Dihydrochlorothiazide; HMS1568A19; Hydrocot; Ivaugan; diclot ride; Hydrochlorothiazide [INN:BAN:JAN]; CCRIS 2082; Hydrochlorthiazidum; Prestwick_263; FT-0082750; AC1Q55FM; H4759_SIAL; component of Caplaril; Esoidrina; Hydrodiuretic; Concor Plus; Hydrothide; Spectrum5_000824; Hydro-T; CHEMBL435; Aquazide H; 3,4-Dihydro-6-chloro-7-sulfamyl-1,2, 4-benzothi; KBio3_001352; Dicyclotride; Hypothiazid; Caplaril; C7H8ClN3O4S2; S1708_Selleck; Esidrix (TN); HCZ; HMS553N04; IDI1_000289; Hidril; Clorana; Panurin; Acuilix; HMS1920D19; Hydrochlorot; NCI-C55925; Manuril; Bremil; Hyclosid; STK315354; Maschitt; Vaseretic; HCT-Isis; KBio2_006493; Newtolide; Roxane; Lopac0_000614; Prestwick1_000009; Aldactazide 25/25; CPD000035778; Nefrol; Disothiazid; HMS2091L05; HSDB 3096; SPBio_001938; Hidroronol; Moduretic; Servithiazid; Jen-Diril; BRD-K13078532-001-05-2; Urodiazin; HCTZ; NCGC00021906-03; Spectrum4_000006; Hydro-Saluric; Dihydran; Dichlorotride; NCGC00015508-12; MolPort-000-144-465; Aldoril; component of Butizide Prestabs; ZINC00896569; MLS000069619; Hytrid; Maybridge1_004336; Modurcen; EINECS 200-403-3; Chlorsulfonamidodihydrobenzothiadiazine dioxide; BSPBio_002132; Hidrotiazida; H2910_SIAL; hydrochlorothiazide; component of Esimil; Dixidrasi; Catiazida; Hydrochlorothiazidum
Trade NameApo-Hydro; Aquazide H; Dichlotride; Hydrodiuril; HydroSaluric; Microzide; Esidrex; Oretic
IndicationLuid retention (edema)
[ICD9: 782.3   ICD10: R60.9]
Approved    [1]

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Canonical SMILESC1NC2=CC(=C(C=C2S(=O)(=O)N1)S(=O)(=O)N)Cl    
Therapeutic ClassDiuretics
CAS NumberCAS 58-93-5
PubChem Compound IDCID 3639.
PubChem Substance IDSID 103995.
SuperDrug ATC IDC03AA03
SuperDrug CAS ID000058935;
TargetSolute carrier family 12 member 3Blocker[2]
Ref 1FDA Approved Drug Products from FDA Official Website. 2009. Application Number: (ANDA) 040412 To Reference
Ref 2The renal thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporter as mediator of the aldosterone-escape phenomenon. J Clin Invest. 2001 Jul;108(2):215-22. To Reference


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