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TTD Target ID: TTDC00002

Target Information
Type of targetClinical trial target    
Hemagglutinin HA1 chain    
Hemagglutinin HA2 chain    
DiseaseInfluenza A virus infection
[ICD9: 001-139, 042-075, 487, 488   ICD10: A00-B99, A80-A99, B00-B34, J10, J11]
Drug(s)ArbidolPhase IInfluenza virus infection[2][3]
UniProt IDP03437
PDB Structure1EO8; 1FYT; 1HA0; 1HGG; 1HTM; 1J8H; 1QU1; 2HMG; 2VIR; 2VIS; 2VIT; 2VIU; 2YPG; 3EYM; 3HMG; 3S4S; 3S5L; 3VUN; 4HMG; 5HMG.    
FunctionBinds to sialic acid-containing receptors on the cell surface, bringing about the attachment of the virus particle to the cell. Plays a major role in the determination of host range restriction and virulence. Class i viral fusion protein. Responsible for penetration of the virus into the cell cytoplasm by mediating the fusion of the membrane of the endocytosed virus particle with the endosomal membrane. Low ph in endosomes induce an irreversible conformational change in ha2, releasing the fusion hydrophobic peptide. Several trimers are required to form a competent fusion pore.    
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CL 385319[1][6][7][8]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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