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TTD Target ID: TTDC00065

Target Information
Type of targetDiscontinued target    
SynonymsCAAX farnesyltransferase    
CAAX farnesyltransferase alpha subunit    
Protein farnesyltransferase alpha subunit    
RAS proteins prenyltransferase    
RAS proteins prenyltransferase alpha    
Type I protein geranyl-geranyltransferase alpha subunit    
DiseaseAcute myeloid leukemia (AML)
[ICD9: 205.0   ICD10: C92.0]
[ICD9: 006   ICD10: A06]
Bladder cancer
[ICD9: 188   ICD10: C67]
Breast cancer
[ICD9: 174, 175   ICD10: C50]
Cancer, unspecific
[ICD9: 140-229   ICD10: C00-C96]
Colorectal Cancer
[ICD9: 153, 154   ICD10: C18-C21]
[ICD9: 084   ICD10: B50-B54]
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
[ICD9: 162   ICD10: C33, C34]
Pancreatic Cancer
[ICD9: 157   ICD10: C25]
Solid tumors
[ICD9: 140-199, 210-229   ICD10: C00-C75, C7A, C7B, D10-D36, D3A]
Drug(s)AZD3409Discontinued in Phase ISolid Tumors[14][15][16]
CP-609,754Trial halted in Phase IBladder Cancer[5]
LonafarnibTerminated in Phase IIINon-small cell lung cancer[11][12][13]
ZarnestraDiscontinued in Phase IIPancreatic Cancer, Colorectal Cancer[1][2][3][19]
ZarnestraFDA non-approvable letterAcute myeloid leukemia[1][2][3][19]
BioChemical ClassTransferases transferring alkyl or aryl groups    
EC NumberEC 2.5.1.-
UniProt IDP49354
PDB Structure1JCQ; 1LD7; 1LD8; 1MZC; 1S63; 1SA4; 1TN6; 2F0Y; 2H6F; 2H6G; 2H6H; 2H6I; 2IEJ; 3E37.    
FunctionCatalyzes the transfer of a farnesyl or geranyl-geranyl moiety from farnesyl or geranyl-geranyl pyrophosphate to a cysteine at the fourth position from the c-terminus of several proteins having the c-terminal sequence cys-aliphatic-aliphatic-x.    
Related US Patent6,143,766
Target ValidationClick to Find Target Validation Information.    
Inhibitor (Z)-2-Methyl-3-tetradecyl-but-2-enedioic acid[20]
Pseudopeptide derivative[30]
Pseudopeptide derivative[30]
BinderHuman PFT inhibitor[34]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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