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Target Information
Name72 kDa type IV collagenase    
Type of targetDiscontinued target    
Synonyms72 kDa gelatinase    
Gelatinase A    
Matrix metalloproteinase 2    
Matrix metalloproteinase-2    
DiseaseBrain Cancer
[ICD9: 191   ICD10: C71]
Breast cancer
[ICD9: 174, 175   ICD10: C50]
Cancer, unspecific
[ICD9: 140-229   ICD10: C00-C96]
Hepatocellular carcinoma
[ICD9: 155   ICD10: C22.0]
Hormone-refractory Prostate cancer
[ICD9: 185   ICD10: C61]
Kaposi's Sarcoma
[ICD9: 176   ICD10: C46]
Lung Cancer
[ICD9: 162   ICD10: C33-C34]
Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
[ICD9: 162   ICD10: C33, C34]
[ICD9: 715   ICD10: M15-M19, M47]
Pancreatic Cancer
[ICD9: 157   ICD10: C25]
Prostate cancer
[ICD9: 185   ICD10: C61]
Renal Cell Carcinoma
[ICD9: 189   ICD10: C64]
Smooth muscle hyperplasia[16]
Drug(s)BB-3644Discontinued in Phase ICancer/Tumors[17][18]
BMS 275291Discontinued in Phase IIINon-small Cell Lung Cancer, Hormone-refractory Prostate Cancer, Kaposi's Sarcoma[7][8][19][17]
BatimastatDiscontinued in Phase ICancers[17]
MarimastatDiscontinued in Phase IIIPancreatic Cancer, Lung Cancer[20][11][12][17]
MetastatDiscontinued in Phase IIKaposi's Sarcoma[17]
NeovastatDiscontinued in Phase IIICancer/psoriasis/opthalmologic[21][14][15]
NeovastatSuspended in Phase IIINon-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Renal Cell Carcinoma[21][14][15]
PG-116800Suspended in Phase IIAcute and chronic heart failure[22]
PrinomastatDiscontinued in Phase IIIBrain Cancer[23][1][2][3][17]
PrinomastatTrial haltedLung Cancer, Prostate Cancer[23][1][2][3][17]
TanomastatDiscontinued in Phase IIIPancreatic Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Osteoarthritis[24][25][26][17]
BioChemical ClassHydrolases acting on peptide bonds (Peptidases)    
EC NumberEC
UniProt IDP08253
PDB Structure1CK7; 1CXW; 1EAK; 1GEN; 1GXD; 1HOV; 1J7M; 1KS0; 1QIB; 1RTG; 3AYU.    
Related US Patent6,265,432
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Inhibitor (+/-)5-[28]
2- (4'-chloro-biphenyl-4-sulfonyl)-pentanoic acid[29]
2- (Biphenyl-4-ylsulfonyl)N-hydroxybenzamide[30]
3- (4-[31]
3- (4-Phenylethynylbenzoyl)nonanoic acid[31]
4- (4-[31]
5- (4-Phenoxy-phenyl)-pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione[32]
BMS 275291[7][8][19][17]
Clinopodic acid C[40]
N-Hydroxy-2- (4-phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)benzamide[30]
N-hydroxy-3- (2-oxo-2H-chromen-3-yl)propanamide[45]
N-hydroxy-3- (6-methoxy-2-oxo-2H-chromen-3-yl)[45]
Roche 28-2653[50]
[2- (Biphenyl-4-sulfonyl)phenyl]acetic Acid[30]
cis-2-aminocyclohexylcarbamoylphosphonic acid[54]
folate gamma-L-proline-hydroxamic acid[55]
folate gamma-hydroxamic acid[55]
lithospermic acid[40]
methotrexate gamma-L-proline-hydroxamic acid[55]
methotrexate gamma-hydroxamic acid[55]
BMS 275291[7][8][19][17]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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