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TTD Target ID: TTDC00150

Target Information
NameCollagenase 3    
Type of targetDiscontinued target    
Matrix metalloproteinase 13    
Matrix metalloproteinase-13    
DiseaseBrain Cancer
[ICD9: 191   ICD10: C71]
Hormone-refractory Prostate cancer
[ICD9: 185   ICD10: C61]
Kaposi's Sarcoma
[ICD9: 176   ICD10: C46]
Lung Cancer
[ICD9: 162   ICD10: C33-C34]
Myocardial infarction (MI)
[ICD9: 410   ICD10: I21, I22]
Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
[ICD9: 162   ICD10: C33, C34]
[ICD9: 715   ICD10: M15-M19, M47]
Prostate cancer
[ICD9: 185   ICD10: C61]
Squamous cell carcinoma
[ICD9: 199   ICD10: C44]
BioChemical ClassHydrolases acting on peptide bonds (Peptidases)    
EC NumberEC 3.4.24.-
UniProt IDP45452
PDB Structure1EUB; 1FLS; 1FM1; 1PEX; 1UC1; 1XUC; 1XUD; 1XUR; 1YOU; 1ZTQ; 2D1N; 2E2D; 2OW9; 2OZR; 2PJT; 2YIG; 3ELM; 3I7G; 3I7I; 3KEC; 3KEJ; 3KEK; 3KRY; 3LJZ; 3O2X; 3TVC; 3ZXH; 456C; 4A7B; 830C.    
FunctionDegrades collagen type i. Does not act on gelatin or casein. Could have a role in tumoral process.    
Related US Patent6,265,432
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Inhibitor (+/-)5-[9]
1- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-heptane-3-thiol[10]
2- (2-[9]
2- (4-methoxybenzylthio)-6-methylpyrimidin-4-ol[12]
2- (Biphenyl-4-ylsulfonyl)N-hydroxybenzamide[13]
2- (biphenyl-4-ylsulfonamido)pentanedioic acid[12]
3- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclohexanethiol[14]
3- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclopentanethiol[14]
3- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-hexane-1-thiol[10]
3- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-pentane-1-thiol[10]
3- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-propane-1-thiol[10]
3- (4-Phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclohexanethiol[14]
3- (4-Phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-propane-1-thiol[10]
3-Benzenesulfonyl-heptanoic acid hydroxyamide[15]
3-Cyclohexanesulfonyl-heptanoic acid hydroxyamide[15]
4- (2,2'-bithiophen-5-ylmethyleneamino)phenol[16]
4- (4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-butane-2-thiol[10]
4- (methyl[16]
4-amino-3- (4-[12]
5- (4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yl)-3-hydroxypentanoic acid[9]
N-Hydroxy-2- (4-phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)benzamide[13]
N1,N3-bis (3-methoxybenzyl)isophthalamide[21]
PKF-242-484,   TNF-484[18]
[2- (Biphenyl-4-sulfonyl)phenyl]acetic Acid[13]
ethyl 2-cyano-2- (quinoxalin-2[16]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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