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TTD Target ID: TTDR00267

Target Information
NamePeptide deformylase    
Type of targetClinical trial target    
Polypeptide deformylase    
DiseaseBacterial infections
[ICD9: 001-009, 010-018, 020-027, 030-041, 080-088, 090-099, 100-104   ICD10: A00-A09, A15-A19, A20-A28, A30-A49, A65-A69, A70-A74, A75-A79]
[ICD9: 084   ICD10: B50-B54]
BioChemical ClassHydrolases acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds    
EC NumberEC
UniProt IDP27251
PDB Structure1BS4; 1BS5; 1BS6; 1BS7; 1BS8; 1BSJ; 3G5K; 3G5P.    
FunctionRemoves the formyl group from the n-terminal met of newly synthesized proteins. Requires at least a dipeptide for an efficient rate of reaction. N-terminal l-methionine is a prerequisite for activity but the enzyme has broad specificity at other positions.    
QSAR ModelClick to Find Target QSAR Model.    
Cysteinesulfonic Acid[6]
Double Oxidized Cysteine[6]
Formic Acid[6]
N- (2-Acetamido)Iminodiacetic Acid[6]
N-alkyl urea hydroxamic acids[9]
NVP-PDF386 (VRC4887)[10]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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