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TTD Target ID: TTDR00957

Target Information
Type of targetResearch target    
S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase    
SAH hydrolase    
DiseaseViral infection, unspecified
[ICD9: 001-139, 042-075   ICD10: A00-B99, A80-A99, B00-B34]
BioChemical ClassHydrolases acting on ether bonds    
EC NumberEC
PathwayMetabolic pathways
Methionine metabolism
Selenoamino acid metabolism
UniProt IDP23526
PDB Structure1A7A; 1LI4; 3NJ4.    
FunctionAdenosylhomocysteine is a competitive inhibitor of s-adenosyl-l-methionine-dependent methyl transferase reactions; therefore adenosylhomocysteinase may play a key role in the control of methylations via regulation of the intracellular concentration.    
Target ValidationClick to Find Target Validation Information.    
4 (Z)-[3]
5 (E)-[3]
Isopropyl Alcohol[4]
Neplanocin A[11]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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