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TTD Target ID: TTDS00036

Target Information
NameBeta-1 adrenergic receptor    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
SynonymsBeta-1 adrenoceptor    
Beta-1 adrenoreceptor    
DiseaseAnxiety disorder, unspecified
[ICD9: 300   ICD10: F40-F42]
[ICD9: 493   ICD10: J45]
Cardiac arrhythmias
[ICD9: 427   ICD10: I47-I49]
Cardiovascular disease, unspecified
[ICD9: 390-459   ICD10: I00-I99]
Coronary heart disease
[ICD9: 414.0   ICD10: I25.1]
Dilated cardiomyopathy
[ICD9: 425.4   ICD10: I42.0]
[ICD9: 365   ICD10: H40-H42]
[ICD9: 401   ICD10: I10, I11, I12, I13, I15]
AjmalicineApprovedCirculatory disorders[6][7][8]
DobutamineApprovedHeart failure and cardiogenic shock[13][3]
EsmololApprovedAcute supraventricular tachycardia[14]
PractololApprovedCardiac arrhythmias[18][19]
SotalolApprovedMaintenance of normal sinus rhythm[20]
BioChemical ClassG-protein coupled receptor (rhodopsin family)    
UniProt IDP08588
PDB Structure2LSQ.    
FunctionBeta-adrenergic receptors mediate the catecholamine- induced activation of adenylate cyclase through the action of G proteins. This receptor binds epinephrine and norepinephrine with approximatively equal affinity.    
Target ValidationClick to Find Target Validation Information.    
Inhibitor (+/-)-nantenine[21]
1- (1H-Indol-4-yloxy)-3-phenethylamino-propan-2-ol[23]
1- (2-allylphenoxy)-3-morpholinopropan-2-ol[24]
1- (2-isopropylphenoxy)-3-morpholinopropan-2-ol[24]
4- (4-butylpiperidin-1-yl)-1-o-tolylbutan-1-one[25]
CGP 20712A[32]
CGP 26505[33]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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