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TTD Target ID: TTDS00040

Target Information
NameProstaglandin G/H synthase 1    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
Cyclooxygenase -1    
PGH synthase 1    
PHS 1    
Prostaglandin H2 synthase 1    
Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1    
DiseaseCardiovascular disease, unspecified
[ICD9: 390-459   ICD10: I00-I99]
Chronic inflammatory diseases[2]
Drug(s)BalsalazideApprovedInflammatory bowel disease[3]
BromfenacApprovedPostoperative inflammation[4]
Gamma-Homolinolenic acidApprovedDietary shortage[5][6][7]
MesalazineApprovedUlcerative colitis[8]
Salicyclic acidApprovedAcne vulgaris[9]
SalsalateApprovedRheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis[10][11]
SuprofenApprovedMiosis during ocular surgery[12]
BioChemical ClassOxidoreductases acting on paired donors    
EC NumberEC
PathwayArachidonic acid metabolism
Metabolic pathways
UniProt IDP23219
FunctionMay play an important role in regulating or promoting cell proliferation in some normal and neoplastically transformed cells.    
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Inhibitor (-)-3-O-acetylspectaline[13]
(11H-Dibenzo[b,e][1,4]dioxepin-2-yl)-acetic acid[14]
(11H-Dibenzo[b,e][1,4]dioxepin-7-yl)-acetic acid[14]
(11H-Dibenzo[b,e][1,4]dioxepin-8-yl)-acetic acid[14]
(3-Chloro-4-Propoxy-Phenyl)-Acetic Acid[15]
(Z)-2'-des-methyl sulindac sulfide[17]
1,2-dihydro-3- (2,3,4-trimethoxyphenyl)naphthalene[18]
1- (4-[19]
1- (4-[19]
1- (4-aminosulfonylphenyl)-2-[20]
1- (4-aminosulfonylphenyl)-2-[20]
2,4'-Dimethoxy-5,3'-di- (2-propenyl)-biphenyl[22]
2- (1,1'-Biphenyl-4-Yl)Propanoic Acid[15]
2- (2,3,4-trimethoxyphenyl)-1H-indene[18]
2- (2-[23]
2- (2-Methylpropanoyl)-1,3,5-benzenetriol[24]
2- (2-methoxyphenyl)-1H-indene[18]
2- (3'-Allyl-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic acid[25]
2- (3'-Ethyl-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic acid[25]
2- (3'-Ethylsulfanyl-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic acid[25]
2- (3'-Vinyl-biphenyl-4-yl)-propionic acid[25]
2- (3-Phenyl-propyl)-1,2-dihydro-indazol-3-one[26]
2- (N-[27]
2- (N-[27]
2- (p-Methylsulfonylbenzoyl)furan[28]
2-Bromoacetyl Group[29]
2-[4- (1H-Indol-5-yl)-phenyl]-propionic acid[25]
3 beta-O-acetyloleanolic acid[30]
3- (4-Methanesulfonyl-phenyl)-1-phenyl-propynone[31]
4,5-Bis (4-chlorophenyl)-1,2-selenazole[32]
4,5-Bis (4-chlorophenyl)isothiazole[33]
4,5-Bis (4-methoxyphenyl)-1,2-selenazole[32]
4,5-Bis (4-methoxyphenyl)-3H-1,2-dithiol-3-one[33]
4,5-Bis (4-methoxyphenyl)-3H-1,2-dithiole-3-thione[33]
4,5-Bis (4-methoxyphenyl)isothiazole[33]
4- (4-Chlorophenyl)-5-[33]
4- (4-Chlorophenyl)-5-p-tolyl-1,2-selenazole[32]
4- (4-Chlorophenyl)-5-p-tolyl-3H-1,2-dithiol-3-one[33]
4- (4-Chlorophenyl)-5-p-tolylisothiazole[33]
4- (5-[33]
4-amino-N- (2-chlorophenyl)benzenesulfonamide[34]
4-amino-N- (4-chlorophenyl)benzenesulfonamide[34]
5- (2-1H-indenyl)-1,3-benzodioxole[18]
5- (2-Imidazol-1-yl-ethyl)-7,8-dihydro-quinoline[35]
5- (4-Chlorophenyl)-4-[33]
5- (4-Chlorophenyl)-4-p-tolyl-1,2-selenazole[32]
5- (4-Chlorophenyl)-4-p-tolyl-3H-1,2-dithiol-3-one[33]
5- (4-Chlorophenyl)-4-p-tolylisothiazole[33]
5- (4-Methoxyphenyl)-4-p-tolyl-1,2-selenazole[32]
5- (4-Methoxyphenyl)-4-p-tolylisothiazole[33]
5-Phenyl-pentanoic acid benzyl-hydroxy-amide[37]
Acetic Acid Salicyloyl-Amino-Ester[15]
Acetic acid 2-hept-2-ynylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-hept-3-ynylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-heptylselanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-heptylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-hex-2-ynylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-hexylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Acetic acid 2-pentylsulfanyl-phenyl ester[38]
Arachidonic Acid[29]
Flufenamic Acid[45]
Flurbiprofen Methyl Ester[29]
Gamma-Homolinolenic acid[5][6][7]
N- (1H-indazol-5-yl)acetamide[50]
N- (3-[51]
N- (3-phenoxy-4-pyridinyl)ethanesulfonamide[52]
N- (3-phenoxy-4-pyridinyl)propanesulfonamide[52]
N- (3-phenoxypyridin-4-yl)methanesulfonamide[51]
N- (3-phenylamino-4-pyridinyl)methanesulfonamide[51]
P- (2'-Iodo-5'-Thenoyl)Hydrotropic Acid[15]
Primary alcohol metabolite of celecoxib[56]
Protoporphyrin Ix Containing Co[29]
Resveratrol Potassium3-Sulfate[58]
Resveratrol Potassium4,-Sulfate[58]
Salicyclic acid[9]
alpha-Methyl-4-biphenyl-acetic acid[48]
eicosapentaenoic acid[43]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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