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TTD Target ID: TTDS00107

Target Information
Name5-hydroxytryptamine 4 receptor    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
5-HT4 receptor    
Serotonin receptor    
Serotonin receptor 4    
DiseaseAlzheimer's disease
[ICD9: 331.0   ICD10: G30]
Cardiac arrhythmias
[ICD9: 427   ICD10: I47-I49]
[ICD9: 290-294   ICD10: F01-F07]
Diarrhoea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome
[ICD9: 564.1   ICD10: K58]
Drug dependence
[ICD9: 303-304   ICD10: F10.2-F19.2]
Irritable bowel syndrome
[ICD9: 564.1   ICD10: K58]
Psychiatric illness[4]
Drug(s)CisaprideApprovedGastroesophageal reflux disease[6][7]
TegaserodApprovedIrritable bowel syndrome[8]
RenzapridePhase III completedIrritable bowel syndrome[8]
TegaserodPhase IIIDyspepsia[8]
Fluphenazine DecanoatePhase IIPsoriasis[9]
PRX-3140Phase IIAlzheimer's disease
PumosetragPhase IIIrritable bowel syndrome[8]
TegaserodPhase IIGastro-oesophagal reflux[8]
PumosetragPhase IGastro-oesophageal reflux[8]
TD-8954Phase ICognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's disease
5-HT4/D2 antagonistsNo development reportedSchizophrenia[10]
BioChemical ClassG-protein coupled receptor (rhodopsin family)    
PathwayCalcium signaling pathway
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction
UniProt IDQ13639
FunctionThis is one of the several different receptors for 5- hydroxytryptamine (serotonin), a biogenic hormone that functions as a neurotransmitter, a hormone, and a mitogen. The activity of this receptor is mediated by G proteins that stimulates adenylate cyclase.    
Target ValidationClick to Find Target Validation Information.    
Inhibitor1- ([11]
4- (4-butylpiperidin-1-yl)-1-o-tolylbutan-1-one[12]
HTF 919[18]
Antagonist5-HT4/D2 antagonists[10]
Fluphenazine Decanoate[9]
SB 203186[18]
SDZ 205,557[4]
MultitargetFluphenazine Decanoate[9]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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