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DiseaseChronic tendon injury[1]
[ICD9: 577.0-577.1   ICD10: K85, K86.0K86.1]
Drug(s)AprotininApprovedPerioperative blood loss[4][5]
DermolastinPhase IIAtopic Dermatitis, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency[6][7][8][9]
DermolastinHalted in Phase IChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease[6][7][8][9]
DermolastinHalted in Phase IEmphysema[6][7][8][9]
EC NumberEC
Related US Patent6,583,177
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1- (3-Amino-benzyl)-1H-indole-5-carboxamidine[11]
1- (3-Nitro-benzyl)-1H-indole-5-carboxamidine[11]
2- (2-Hydroxy-phenyl)-1H-indole-5-carboxamidine[12]
2- (2-Iodo-phenyl)-benzo[d][1,3]oxazin-4-one[13]
4- (3,4-Diethoxy-benzylamino)-benzamidine[14]
4- (4-Benzyloxy-3-methoxy-benzylamino)-benzamidine[14]
4- (5-Nitro-indol-1-ylmethyl)-benzamidine[11]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
Benzamidrazone analogue[18]
P1 argininal derivative[26]
P1 argininal derivative[26]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
Peptide boronate[27]
macrocyclic tripeptide motif[33]
tert-butyloxy carbonyl-D-Phe-pro-Arg-H[34]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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