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TTD Target ID: TTDS00346

Target Information
NameB-Raf proto-oncogene serine/threonine-protein kinase    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
B-raf protein    
BRAF serine/threonine kinase    
V-Raf murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B1    
DiseaseMalignant melanoma
[ICD9: 172   ICD10: C43]
[ICD9: 172   ICD10: C43]
Pancreatic cancer
[ICD9: 157   ICD10: C25]
Drug(s)VemurafenibApprovedBRAF-positive unresectable or metastatic melanoma
SorafenibLaunchedAdvanced renal cell carcinoma[4][5][6]
R7204Phase IIIMalignant melanoma[7]
RG7204Phase IIIAdjuvant metastatic melanoma, BRAF mutation positive
RG7421+RG7204Phase IIIMetastatic melanoma BRAF mutation positive
SorafenibPhase IIIHepatocellular carcinoma, NSCLC, melanoma[4][5][6]
Trametinib + dabrafenibPhase IIIMetastatic melanoma, adjuvant therapy
VemurafenibPhase IIIAdjuvant metastatic melanoma, BRAF mutation positive
DabrafenibPhase IINon-small cell lung cancer
PLX4032Phase IIThroid cancer
RG7204Phase IIPapillary thyroid cancer, BRAF mutation positive
SorafenibPhase IIMyelodyspalstic syndrome, AML, head & neck cancer, breast, colon, ovarian, pancreatic cancer[4][5][6]
Trametinib + dabrafenibPhase IIColorectal cancer
VemurafenibPhase IIPapillary thyroid cancer, BRAF mutation positive
GSK2118436Phase I/IIMetastatic melanoma, solid tumors[8]
ARQ 736Phase ILate-stage solid tumors
BMS-908662Phase ICancers[9]
DabrafenibSubmittedMetastatic melanoma
RG7204FiledMetastatic melanoma, BRAF mutation positive
RG7204Phase IMetastatic melanoma, BRAF mutation positive
RG7256Phase IMalignant melanoma
Trametinib + dabrafenibSubmittedMetastatic melanoma
VemurafenibPhase IMetastatic melanoma, BRAF mutation positive
BioChemical ClassTransferases transferring phosphorus-containing groups    
EC NumberEC
PathwayAcute myeloid leukemia
Bladder cancer
Chemokine signaling pathway
Chronic myeloid leukemia
Colorectal cancer
Endometrial cancer
ErbB signaling pathway
Focal adhesion
Insulin signaling pathway
Long-term depression
Long-term potentiation
MAPK signaling pathway
Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity
Non-small cell lung cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Pathways in cancer
Prostate cancer
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton
Renal cell carcinoma
Thyroid cancer
Vascular smooth muscle contraction
mTOR signaling pathway
UniProt IDP15056
PDB Structure1UWH; 1UWJ; 2FB8; 2L05; 3C4C; 3D4Q; 3IDP; 3II5; 3NY5; 3OG7; 3PPJ; 3PPK; 3PRF; 3PRI; 3PSB; 3PSD; 3Q4C; 3Q96; 3SKC; 3TV4; 3TV6; 4DBN; 4E26; 4E4X; 4EHE; 4EHG; 4FK3; 4G9C; 4G9R; 4H58; 4JVG.    
FunctionInvolved in the transduction of mitogenic signals from the cell membrane to the nucleus. May play a role in the postsynaptic responses of hippocampal neuron.    
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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