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SynonymsMLS001056714; Stim; NCGC00090699-03; Caffine; Quick Pep; Theophylline, 7-methyl; nchembio774-comp2; 3,7-dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine; Cafecon; Passauer Brand of Caffeine; Caffeine (USP); AC-12774; BSPBio_001921; Coffeine; DivK1c_000730; NCGC00168808-02; Coffein; Caffedrine Caplets; KBio1_000730; NCGC00015208-02; Caffeine Pure; Bio1_001451; Seid Brand of Caffeine; Theobromine, 1-methyl-; CHEMBL113; C1778_SIAL; Nodaca; Methylxanthine theophylline; SMR000326667; KBio2_001781; CCRIS 1314; nchembio.243-comp7; NINDS_000730; LS-237; Caffeine (natural); Vivarin; NCGC00090699-06; Caffeine solution; DB00201; No-Doz; Republic Drug Brand of Caffeine; Bio-0579; Pierre Fabre Brand of Caffeine; Lopac0_000228; C2042; Refresh'n; 1,3,7-Trimethyl-2,6-dioxopurine; NCGC00015208-14; C6035_SIGMA; Spectrum3_000321; MolPort-000-730-850; Natural Caffeinum; Anhydrous caffeine (TN); 1-methyltheobromine; Caffeine, synthetic; CFF; NCIOpen2_008255; Quick-Pep; C8960_SIAL; DHC Plus; Bio1_000473; Spectrum4_001782; Diurex; caffeine; BIDD:PXR0172; 1l5q; Tri-Aqua; CHEBI:27732; P-A-C Analgesic Tablets; D00528; Methyltheobromine; Coffeinum; A.S.A. and Codeine Compound; 27602_FLUKA; Caffeine [BAN:JAN]; KBio2_004349; 1gfz; Mateina; Coffeinum Purrum; Durvitan; caffenium; PDSP2_001000; EINECS 200-362-1; Thompson Brand 1 of Caffeine; Caffein; Coffeinum N; Probes2_000128; Spectrum_001301; HSDB 36; 07E4FB58-FD79-4175-8E3D-05BF96954522; Midol Maximum Strength; 2a3b; KBioSS_001781; UNII-3G6A5W338E; PDSP2_001219; 71701-02-5; AI3-20154; Propoxyphene Compound-65; Anacin Maximum Strength; Anhydrous caffeine (JP15); BIM-0050216.0001; 95789-13-2; NCGC00090699-04; C7731_SIAL; KBio3_001141; 1l7x; Eldiatric C; component of Cafergot; NCGC00090699-08; Pep-Back; CU-01000012617-3; HMS2091O11; FEMA No. 2224; 7-Methyltheophylline; NCGC00090699-07; Xanthine, 1,3,7-trimethyl; Organex; BIDD:ER0554; cafeine; Compound 65; No Doz; KBioGR_002325; Cafamil; NSC 5036; Hycomine; Theobromine Me; SPECTRUM1500155; NCGC00090699-01; Dasin; Lopac-C-0750; Cafeina; Caffeina [Italian]; Merck dura Brand of Caffeine; Alert-pep; SPBio_001222; NCGC00090699-05; SDCCGMLS-0064595.P002; Thompson Brand 2 of Caffeine; SDCCGMLS-0064595.P001; Thein; IDI1_000730; Coffein [German]; MLS001066409; teina; Enerjets; Koffein; AC1Q3Z23; Caffeine, Monohydrate; TNP00310; Bristol-Myers Squibb Brand of Caffeine; 58-08-2; NCI-C02733; Probes1_000150; Wake-Up; HMS1920I09; D002110; BRD-K02404261-001-03-5; Keep Alert; PDSP1_001016; AKOS000121334; Spectrum5_000423; Propoxyphene Compound 65; Kofein [Czech]; C6035_FLUKA; ACon1_000085; NCGC00015208-04; BRD-K02404261-001-02-7; EU-0100228; MLS001055341; Dexitac; Hycomine Compound; Spectrum2_001261; 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione; Nodoz Maximum Strength Caplets; Ultra Pep-Back; BRN 0017705; SK 65 Compound; Caffeine, anhydrous; HMS502E12; bmse000206; Cafipel; NCGC00168808-01; SK-65 Compound; Phensal; Miudol; Methyltheobromide; 75035_FLUKA; Tirend; 5-26-13-00558 (Beilstein); Percoffedrinol N; Theine; AC1L1DV2; Monomethyl derivative of Theophylline; Koffein [German]; nchembio.63-comp5; Bio1_000962; ZINC00001084; L000155; C07481; Theophylline Me; BIDD:GT0632; Guaranine; C0750_SIAL; KBio2_006917; MolMap_000054; Kofein; W222402_ALDRICH; CID2519; NCGC00015208-01; I14-4386; Ercatab; Dexitac Stay Alert Stimulant; WLN: T56 BN DN FNVNVJ B1 F1 H1; Caffeina; NCGC00090699-09; MEGxp0_001350; 1-3-7-TRIMETHYLXANTHINE; Caffedrine; STK177283; Berlin-Chemie Brand of Caffeine; GlaxoSmithKline Brand of Caffeine; Anhydrous caffeine; NCGC00090699-02; Percutafeine; Nix Nap; PDSP1_001235; NSC5036; C 0750; 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine; DHCplus    
Trade NameCafcit    
CompanyBen Venue Laboratories    
IndicationFatigue and orthostatic hypotensionApproved    [1]

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Therapeutic ClassAntihypertensive Agents    
CAS NumberCAS 58-08-2
PubChem Compound IDCID 2519.    
PubChem Substance IDSID 9684.    
SuperDrug ATC IDN06BC01;    
SuperDrug CAS ID000058082;    
TargetAdenosine A1 receptorAntagonist[2][3]
Adenosine A1 receptorMultitarget[2][3]
Adenosine A2a receptorAntagonist[2][3]
Adenosine A2a receptorMultitarget[2][3]
Ref 1Fatigue: an overview. Am Fam Physician. 2008 Nov 15;78(10):1173-9. To Reference
Ref 2Caffeine as a psychomotor stimulant: mechanism of action. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2004 Apr;61(7-8):857-72. To Reference
Ref 3Adenosine receptor antagonists intensify the benzodiazepine withdrawal signs in mice. Pharmacol Rep. 2006 Sep-Oct;58(5):643-51. To Reference


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