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TTD Drug ID: DAP000128

Drug Information
NameSodium bicarbonate    
SynonymsSODIUM BICARBONATE; Sodium bicarbonate (JP15/USP); 31437_RIEDEL; 5006-97-3; S8875_SIAL; D017693; S8761_SIGMA; AC1LANJA; NaHCO3; Sodium bicarbonate solution; Col-evac; S4019_SIGMA; 13433_SIAL; Sodium hydrocarbonate; Meylon (TN); E-Z-EM Prep Lyte; Sodium bicarbonate in plastic container; 151127-72-9; UNII-8MDF5V39QO; 246180-97-2; Carbonic acid, monosodium salt; Soludal; Gripe water; Sodium acid carbonate; S7277_SIGMA; Monosodium hydrogen carbonate; Meylon; 7542-12-3 (unspecified hydrochloride salt); Sandoz sodium bicarbonate; Natron; Sodium hydrogen carbonate; 196216-68-9; 144-55-8; Golytely; MolPort-003-926-303; Peg-lyte; Natrii hydrogencarbonas; Baking soda; Natrium bicarbonicum; Nulytely; Natrium hydrogencarbonicum; Sodium carbonate (Na(HCO3)); LS-2380; BSS plus; D01203; S5761_SIGMA; Sodium bicarbonate (1:1); Go-evac; 88208_FLUKA; C12603; Carbonic acid sodium salt (1:1); Soda (van); Caswell No. 747; Natrum bicarbonicum; Bicarbonate, Sodium; Glycoprep; Sodium bicarbonate liquid concentrate; S3817_SIGMA; CID8953; 13433_RIEDEL; HSDB 697; S6297_SIAL; Sodium bicarbonate [USAN:JAN]; Lithium bicarbonate; CHEBI:32139; 36486_FLUKA; DB01390; Hydrogen Carbonate, Sodium; 172672-17-2; 31437_SIAL; Sodium hydrogencarbonate; CID516892; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 073505; EINECS 205-633-8; Carbonic acid monosodium salt; 800 Sodium Bicarbonate Powder; Monosodium carbonate; NSC 134031; CHEMBL1353; Sel De vichy; Hema BP-38; S4019_SIAL; Neut (TN); Natriumhydrogenkarbonat; Neut; Colovage; Jusonin; CCRIS 3064; Co-lav; 401676_SIAL; 199723-76-7; Soda Mint; Bicarbonate of soda; AC1Q1W5G; Soda, Baking; S6014_SIAL; Acidosan    
IndicationMetabolic acidosisApproved    [1]

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Therapeutic ClassAntidiarrheals    
CAS NumberCAS 144-55-8
PubChem Compound IDCID 516892.    
PubChem Substance IDSID 152105.    
SuperDrug ATC IDB05CB04;    
SuperDrug CAS ID000144558;    
TargetPotassium voltage-gated channel subfamily D member 3Blocker[2]
Voltage-dependent T-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1HBlocker[3]
Ref 1FDA Approved Drug Products from FDA Official Website. 2009. Application Number: (NDA) 018509 To Reference
Ref 2Management of cocaine-induced cardiac arrhythmias due to cardiac ion channel dysfunction. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2009 Jan;47(1):14-23. To Reference
Ref 3Acute renal failure. Clin Evid (Online). 2008 Sep 3;2008. pii: 2001. To Reference


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