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SynonymsCalcibloc; KBioGR_002400; AC1L1I9V; Dilafed; Adalat CC; Aprical long; ARONIS24171; Adalat 20; Nifidine; Alfadal; Introcar; Anifed; CHEBI:7565; Bay1040; N7634_SIGMA; Nifebene; Procardia; Monohydrochloride, Nifedipine; CPD000058291; HMS2051O03; BIDD:GT0442; Bio-0733; Sepamit; BSPBio_001391; Nifangin; N 7634; Nifecor; AWD Pharma Brand of Nifedipine; Nifedepat; D00437; Adalat Crono; Pfizer Brand of Nifedipine; Adalat LP; Adalat Oros; Fenihidin; Nifedicor; KBioGR_000627; IDI1_000313; NCGC00024983-07; Adalat CR; NCGC00015748-02; Nifecard; Hexadilat; Nifedipinum; Bay-a-1040; Adalat 10; Cordaflex; SPECTRUM1500431; NCGC00015748-03; Nifedical XL; SPBio_001016; AC1Q4254; Coracten XL; KBio3_002879; C17H18N2O6; NCGC00091707-01; KBio1_000313; Tibricol; HMS2091H20; Prestwick_357; Emaberin; Coracten; S1808_Selleck; Tocris-1075; EU-0100819; Spectrum_000979; Adcock Ingram Brand of Nifedipine; Prestwick2_000063; CBiol_001826; KBio2_007536; Nifedipine [USAN:BAN:INN:JAN]; Nifedipino [INN-Spanish]; Adalat GITS 30; 101539-70-2; D009543; Citilat; Nifedipine Orion Brand; I06-1286; HMS1568M07; SMR000058291; NCGC00024983-04; Fortipine LA; KRKA Brand of Nifedipine; HMS500P15; BSPBio_002071; 60299-11-8 (mono-hydrochloride); EINECS 244-598-3; Oprea1_788617; NINDS_000313; Fedcor; Nifediac; Tensipine MR; KBio2_002400; Bay-1040; CHEMBL193; Bio2_000111; KBio2_005247; L001054; Nificard; Cardilat; Adalat; KBioSS_000111; Glopir; Lopac-N-7634; NCGC00024983-03; Spectrum4_000074; Spectrum2_001058; DB01115; Prestwick3_000063; 5-22-04-00268 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); nifedipine; NCGC00024983-08; N0528; Orion Brand of Nifedipine; Cordicant; Angipec; Nifedipine Bayer Brand; Ecodipin E; Bonacid; STK735567; Infedipin; Adalat PA; Adalate LP; Bio1_000112; Nifelat; Macorel; Spectrum5_001278; LS-1012; Calcilat; Fenamon; Nifedin; Ecodipin; Procardia XL; Adalat Retard; Chronadalate; Nifedipino; Adapine; CCRIS 6074; Afeditab; Duranifin; 21829-25-4; Adalat XL; Bio2_000591; BSPBio_000245; Nifedine; Alonix; Adipine XL; Nifelat Q; Kordafen; Bayer Brand of Nifedipine; Myogard; Prestwick0_000063; CAS-21829-25-4; cMAP_000042; Fenigidin; KBio2_002679; N1fedilat; Spectrum3_000516; Nifedipine Retard; NCGC00015748-01; BAY-a 1040; HMS1989F13; Korinfar; Corynphar; BAY 1040; Adalat 5; Apo-Nifed; DivK1c_000313; AC-11618; Nifedical; C07266; Corotrend; Nifdemin; Dignokonstant; Nifedipine-GTIS; Niphedipine; Adapress; Nifipen; Pidilat; HMS1791F13; NCGC00024983-02; Adalat GITS; MolPort-006-822-492; I06-0051; Cordipine; Nifedipinum [INN-Latin]; Orix; NCGC00024983-05; Lopac0_000819; Nedipin; KBio3_000222; ZINC19594578; BPBio1_000271; MLS001401371; UNII-I9ZF7L6G2L; Chronadalate LP; Dipinkor; BIDD:PXR0034; Corinfar; Cordipin; KBio2_006595; SPBio_002166; KBioSS_002405; Fenihidine; Cordilan; HMS2089H11; BAYa1040; Nifelan; BRN 0497773; Nifedipres; NCGC00015748-13; Calcigard; Cordalat; Ecodipi; HMS1920P19; KBio2_004968; nchembio.95-comp13; Nifensar XL; KBio3_000221; Nicardia; MLS001148146; Afeditab CR; Fenamon SR; Cardionorm; NCGC00024983-06; Alonix S; Coral; KBio2_004027; Megalat; IDI1_033861; KBioSS_001459; Nifar; BCBcMAP01_000046; MolPort-000-787-707; Cordafen; NCGC00015748-06; Bio1_000601; MLS000028521; Adalat (TN); Nifedipine GTIS; KB-1712P; Nifedirex LP; Aprical; Camont; CID4485; Vascard; Slofedipine XL; Alat; Depin; HMS1361F13; Adalat FT; Afeditab CR (TN); Aldipin; Bio1_001090; Nifedipine Pfizer Brand; 101554-38-5; Nifelate; Procardia (TN); KBio3_001571; Zenusin; NCGC00024983-01; Cardifen; Fedcor Retard; Hadipin; Adalate; SAM001246963; Adalat LA; Anpine; MLS000758222; Alpha-Nifedipine Retard; Nifedipine Monohydrochloride; KBio2_001459; Nifedipine (JP15/USP/INN); KBio2_000111; Prestwick1_000063; Nifedipine KRKA Brand; KBioGR_000111; BAY A 1040; Oxcord; BIM-0050796.0001; AKOS002942507    
Trade NameAdalat; Nifedical; Procardia    
IndicationAngina pectorisApproved    [1]

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Therapeutic ClassAnalgesics    
CAS NumberCAS 21829-25-4
PubChem Compound IDCID 4485.    
PubChem Substance IDSID 9475.    
SuperDrug ATC IDC08CA05;    
SuperDrug CAS ID021829254;    
TargetVoltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-1Blocker[2]
Ref 1Are sildenafil and theophylline effective in the prevention of high-altitude pulmonary edema? Med Hypotheses. 2002 Aug;59(2):223-5. To Reference
Ref 2Calcium-dependent and endothelium-dependent mechanisms for a constrictor response of the saphenous vein. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2009 Feb;147(2):170-2. To Reference


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