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TTD Drug ID: DAP000623

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SynonymsNCGC00094043-02; Orugesic; L'Acide (benzoyl-3-phenyl)-2-propionique; Oprea1_117113; Ketoprofenum [INN-Latin]; Prestwick1_000219; Oscorel; InChI=1/C16H14O3/c1-11(16(18)19)13-8-5-9-14(10-13)15(17)12-6-3-2-4-7-12/h2-11H,1H3,(H,18,19); SMR000040181; D00132; MolPort-001-684-346; CPD000040181; (+-)-m-Benzoylhydratropic acid; RU 4733; NINDS_000598; 22071-15-4; AC1Q1LGA; Orudis KT; Spectrum5_001254; 19583 RP; NCGC00094043-03; Prestwick_617; Lertus; Oruvail; IDI1_000598; Benzoylhydratropic Acid; RP19583; K2012_SIAL; Alrheumum; NCGC00015578-02; AC-1486; KBio2_001789; Acide (benzoyl-3-phenyl)-2-propionique; CID3825; SPECTRUM1501215; K1751_SIGMA; NCGC00094043-01; 22161-86-0; Ketoprofen (JP15/USP/INN); 2-(m-Benzoylphenyl)propionic acid; Ketoprofeno; DivK1c_000598; m-Benzoylhydratropic acid; HMS2089B16; 34016_RIEDEL; MLS001306444; Ketoprofenum; SPBio_002158; Dexal; 19,583 RP; 2-(3-Benzoylphenyl)propanoic acid; RP-19583; K1751_SIAL; Hydratropic acid, m-benzoyl-, (+-)-; 3-Benzoylhydratropic acid; S1645_Selleck; BPBio1_000261; Lopac0_000686; KBio2_004357; NCGC00094043-04; 2-(3-Benzoylphenyl)propionic acid; Alrheumun; Profenid; BIM-0050664.0001; I01-3439; Fastum; Capisten; Toprek; Toprec; CHEMBL571; 172964-50-0; RP, 19,583; KBioGR_000435; KBio3_002537; (+-)-3-Benzoyl-alpha-methylbenzeneacetic acid; HMS1568L19; AC1L1GST; Ketoprofen [USAN:INN:BAN:JAN]; LS-7470; SPBio_000952; racemic-Ketoprofen; Ketoprofene; RP 19583; Orudis; HMS2092L19; MLS001201752; Prestwick0_000219; Orudis, Oruvail, Ketoflam, Orudis KT, Ketoprofen; Kefenid; 2-[3-Benzoylphenyl]propionic acid; KBio1_000598; Ketoprophene; Iso-K; HMS501N20; Prestwick3_000219; Epatec; EINECS 244-759-8; KBio2_006925; Ketoprofen (+-); 3-BENZOYL-ALPHA-METHYLBENZENEACETIC ACID; Benzeneacetic acid, 3-benzoyl-.alpha.-methyl-; 154907-35-4; CHEBI:6128; Meprofen; Ketoprofene [INN-French]; DB01009; 2-[3-(phenylcarbonyl)phenyl]propanoic acid; CCRIS 4508; EU-0100686; 2-[3-(benzoyl)phenyl]propanoic acid; BRD-A97739905-001-05-9; UNII-90Y4QC304K; AB00052249; Benzeneacetic acid, 3-benzoyl-alpha-methyl-; Aneol; Benzeneacetic acid, 3-benzoyl-alpha-methyl-, (+-)-; Spectrum4_000028; Propionic acid, 2-(3-benzoylphenyl)-; D007660; Ketopron; 34016_FLUKA; DKYWVDODHFEZIM-UHFFFAOYSA-; Alrheumat; MLS000079024; BSPBio_003037; BIDD:GT0443; Spectrum_001309; K0038; Orudis (TN); Spectrum3_001479; K 1751; LS-28621; ketoprofen; NCGC00015578-07; FT-0082352; Bio-0742; MLS000028446; UNM-0000306100; Spectrum2_000956; C01716; Actron; Ketoprofeno [INN-Spanish]; HMS1921B12; Menamin; SAM002264620; KBioSS_001789; Acide (benzoyl-3-phenyl)-2-propionique [French]; BSPBio_000237; Prestwick2_000219    
Trade NameKetoflam; Oruvail; Ketorin; Keto; Ketomex; Orudis; Bi-Profˇ§|nid; Fastum Gel; Ketoprofene; Lasonil; Oki; Ketonal; Arthril; Zon; Orudis; Ketoprofenum; Ketoprofenas; Fastum; Ketospray    
IndicationRheumatoid arthritis and painApproved    [1]

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Therapeutic ClassAnalgesics    
CAS NumberCAS 22071-15-4
PubChem Compound IDCID 3825.    
PubChem Substance IDSID 4853.    
SuperDrug ATC IDM01AE03;    
SuperDrug CAS ID022071154;    
Ref 1FDA Approved Drug Products from FDA Official Website. 2009. Application Number: (ANDA) 073516 To Reference
Ref 2Probing the skin permeation of fish oil/EPA and ketoprofen-3. Effects on epidermal COX-2 and LOX. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2007 Jun;76(6):357-62. Epub 2007 Jun 25. To Reference


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