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TTD Drug ID: DAP001057

Drug Information
NameIsosorbide Dinitrate    
SynonymsMLS001333562; KBio2_000643; NSC80038; Vasorbate; NCGC00178830-01; Diniket; Dignionitrat; Spectrum4_000025; Flindix; Sorbislo; Dinitrato de isosorbida [INN-Spanish]; ISD; UN2907; EureCor; 59812_ALDRICH; Spectrum3_000600; AC-12153; Nitrosorbon; HSDB 3417; Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate, D-; Isorbid; LS-71376; Emoper; D007548; 87-33-2; ZINC18089317; Spectrum2_001069; Sorbitrate; Dinitrosorbide; Sorbidnitrate; Prestwick1_000714; Isoket retard 40; CCRIS 1910; Isoket Retard120; Isosorbidi dinitras; Dinitrate d'isosorbide; SPECTRUM1500358; Myorexon; D00516; TYB 3215; AC1L1NIG; SST-101; Isochron; KBio3_001580; Cedocard; Sorbide; Carvanil; KBioGR_000429; KBio1_000436; IDI1_000436; Iso-Bid; Isostat; Isosorbide dinitrato [DCIT]; Iso Bid; Xanyl; BSPBio_002080; Titradose; Prestwick2_000714; KBio2_005779; Corovliss; Sorbide T.D.; Rigedal; DB00883; Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate; CHEBI:6061; Frandol; Cornilat; MLS001333561; IBD 20; Isosorbide dinitrate (JP15/USP/INN); Sorbide, dinitrate; Cardonit 40; Sorquat; Isordil (TN); 1,4:3,6-Dianhydro-D-glucitol dinitrate; Resoidan; CID6883; 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-2,5-di-O-nitro-D-glucitol; D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate; NINDS_000436; ISOSORBIDE DINITRATE; Sorbonit; Isomak R; Astridine; Dinitrato de isosorbida; SDM No. 40; Laserdil; C6H8N2O8; UNII-IA7306519N; Cardis; D-; Spectrum_000163; 6659-58-1; HMS1920H15; 1,4:3,6-Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate; D-Isosorbide dinitrate-Lactose mixture; Iso-Mack; HMS2091P05; Dinitroisosorbide; Isosorbide dinitrate mixture with not <60% lactose, mannose, starch or calcium hydrogen phosphate [UN2907] [Flammable solid]; Tinidil; SPBio_001058; Isoket Retard 120; Sorbangil; Sorate-10; Isordil; Claodical; D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, 2,5-dinitrate; Lomilan; Disorlon; Isosorbide dinitrate mixture with not <60% lactose, mannose, starch or calcium hydrogen phosphate [UN2907] [Flammable solid]; Corosorbide; Korodil; Difutrat; DivK1c_000436; Isordil Tembids; Dilatrate SR; NCGC00178830-02; Cardio 10; KBio2_003211; Dinitrate d'isosorbide [INN-French]; C07456; Cedocard Retard; Isoket; Maycor; Prestwick3_000714; Isosorbide 2,5-dinitrate; 54650-95-2; Dilatrate-SR; MolPort-003-666-213; Nosim; ISDN; SDM No. 50; BSPBio_000927; SPBio_002848; HMS501F18; Sorbide nitrate; Isosorbide dinitrate [USAN:INN:BAN:JAN]; Nitrosorbide; SMR000857256; Coronex; Spectrum5_001057; IsoBid; NSC 80038; Sorate-5; BPBio1_001021; Dinitrate, Isosorbide; Dilatrate; Isotrate; Isosorbide dinitrato; D-Isosorbide dinitrate; BiDil; Langoran; Sorbidinitrate; 1,4:3, 6-Dianhydro-D-glucitol dinitrate; 1,4:3,6-Dianhydrosorbitol 2, 5-dinitrate; D-Glucitol, 1,4:3,6-dianhydro-, dinitrate; Dianhydrosorbitol 2,5-dinitrate; Glucitol, 1,4:3, 6-dianhydro-, dinitrate,; Dilatrate-sr (TN); Vasodilat; KBioSS_000643; Angidil; Sorbidi nitras; Sorbidilat; Isodinit; HMS1570O09; Isoket Retard-120; Iso-Puren; Carvasin; [(3S,3aS,6R,6aS)-3-nitrooxy-2,3,3a,5,6,6a-hexahydrofuro[3,2-b]furan-6-yl] nitrate; Harrical; Rifloc Retard; Isosorbidi nitras; Prestwick0_000714; Nitrosorbid; Vascardin; AB00513900; 59812_FLUKA; Isosorbidi dinitras [INN-Latin]; Sorquad; EINECS 201-740-9; Prestwick_81    
Trade NameIsordil; Cedocard; Sorbitrate    
CompanyBiovail Corporation    
IndicationAngina pectoris and anal fissureApproved    [1]

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Therapeutic ClassVasodilator Agents    
CAS NumberCAS 87-33-2
PubChem Compound IDCID 6883.    
PubChem Substance IDSID 9659.    
SuperDrug ATC IDC01DA08;    
SuperDrug CAS ID000087332;    
TargetGuanylate cyclase (atrial natriuretic peptide receptor A)Stimulator[2][3]
Ref 1FDA Approved Drug Products from FDA Official Website. 2009. Application Number: (ANDA) 040009 To Reference
Ref 2Nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase isoforms in the normal, hypertrophic, and failing heart. Mol Cell Biochem. 2009 Jul 19. [Epub ahead of print] To Reference
Ref 3No Recovery of Cold Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After Transdermal Isosorbide Dinitrate: A Small Controlled Trial. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2009 Jun 8. [Epub ahead of print] To Reference


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