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TTD Target ID: TTDS00177

Target Information
NameFatty-acid amide hydrolase    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
SynonymsAnandamide amidase    
Anandamide amidohydrolase    
Anandamide synthase    
Arachidonylethanolamide synthase    
Fatty acid amide hydrolase    
Oleamide hydrolase    
DiseaseAnalgesics    [1]
Anesthetic    [1]
Anxiety disorder, unspecified    [2]
Pain    [1]
Sedation    [1]
SSR411298Phase IIMajor Depressive Disorder,Depression[4]
BioChemical ClassHydrolases acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds    
EC NumberEC
UniProt IDO00519
FunctionDegrades bioactive fatty acid amides like oleamide, the endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide and myristic amide to their corresponding acids, thereby serving to terminate the signaling functions of these molecules.    
Related US Patent6,562,846
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Inhibitor1,4-bis (malimido)xylene[5]
2-fluorophenylboronic acid[8]
2-methoxyphenylboronic acid[8]
3-cyanophenylboronic acid[8]
3-methoxyphenylboronic acid[8]
4-cyanophenylboronic acid[8]
4-fluorophenylboronic acid[8]
4-methoxyphenylboronic acid[8]
4-nitrophenylboronic acid[8]
4-nonylphenylboronic acid[8]
6-fluoropyridin-3-ylboronic acid[8]
Benzylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
Biphenyl-3-ylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
Chlorphrifos oxon[15]
Isopropyl dodecylfluorophosphonate[15]
Isopropylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
Methoxy arachidonyl fluorophosphonate[19]
N- (2-hydroxyethyl)linoleoylamide[20]
N- (2-iodethyl)arachidonylamide[20]
N- (2-iodoethyl)linoleoylamide[20]
Phenethylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
Phenylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
benzo[b]thiophen-2-ylboronic acid[8]
benzofuran-2-ylboronic acid[8]
biphenyl-3-ylboronic acid[8]
biphenyl-3-ylcarbamic acid cyclohexyl ester[5]
biphenyl-4-ylboronic acid[8]
isopropyl 4-nitrophenyl dodecylphosphonate[24]
n-Butylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
n-Hexylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
n-Octylcarbamic Acid Biphenyl-3-yl Ester[14]
naphthalen-2-yl cyclohexylcarbamate[13]
nicotinaldehyde O-4-butoxyphenylcarbamoyl oxime[25]
nicotinaldehyde O-4-ethoxyphenylcarbamoyl oxime[25]
nicotinaldehyde O-4-propoxyphenylcarbamoyl oxime[25]
octane-1-sulfonyl fluoride[24]
phenethylboronic acid[8]
phenyl 1- (4-butoxyphenyl)propylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (decyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (dodecyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (heptyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (hexyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (octyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenyl 4- (undecyloxy)phenylcarbamate[25]
phenylboronic acid[8]
pyridin-3-yl 4-butoxybenzylcarbamate[25]
Cross References 3D Structure
Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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