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TTD Target ID: TTDS00213

Target Information
Type of targetSuccessful target    
DiseaseBacterial infections    [1]
Cancer, unspecific    [2][3]
Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease    [4]
Tumors    [5]
Drug(s)AdenineApprovedDietary shortage[6][7]
AltretamineApprovedOvarian cancer[8]
BleomycinApprovedHodgkin lymphoma[9]
BusulfanApprovedMyeloproliferative disease[10]
CarboplatinApprovedOvarian carcinoma[11]
CarmustineApprovedBrain cancer[12][13]
ChlorambucilApprovedChronic lymphatic leukemia[14]
ClofarabineApprovedAcute lymphoblastic leukemia[16]
ClofazimineApprovedCrohn's disease[17]
DacarbazineApprovedMalignant melanoma[19]
DaunorubicinApprovedAcute myeloid leukemia[20]
Dornase AlfaApprovedCystic fibrosis[21]
Hydroxystilbamidine IsethionateApprovedBlastomycosis[23]
IdoxuridineApprovedHerpes simplex virus infection[24]
LomustineApprovedBrain tumours[26]
MechlorethamineApprovedProstate cancer[27]
MelphalanApprovedMultiple myeloma[28]
MercaptopurineApprovedAcute lymphatic leukemia[29]
MitomycinApprovedGastro-intestinal and breast cancers[32]
Mitomycin AApprovedCancers[33]
Mitomycin CApprovedCancers[20]
NitrofurantoinApprovedUrinary tract infection[35]
OxaliplatinApprovedColorectal cancer[36]
PipobromanApprovedRefractory chronic myeloid leukaemia[38]
ProcarbazineApprovedHodgkin's lymphoma [40]
StreptozocinApprovedMetastatic islet cell carcinoma[42]
TemozolomideApprovedGrade IV astrocytoma [43]
ThioguanineApprovedAcute myeloid leukemia[44]
Uracil mustardApprovedLymphatic malignancies[45]
BalofloxacinLaunchedGram-positive and -negative bacterial infections[46]
Ciprofloxacin XRLaunchedGram-negative bacterial infections[46]
ElsamitrucinPhase IIMantle Cell Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Advanced Solid Tumors[47]
Abetimus sodiumPhase III teminatedLupus nephritis[48]
GlufosfamideTerminated in Phase IIOvarian cancer[49]
TV-4710Terminated in Phase IISystemic lupus erythematosus[48]
Indol-3-carbinolPreclinicalFungal diseases[50]
Target ValidationClick to Find Target Validation Information.    
Inhibitor2- (3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)Acetic Acid[51]
Abetimus sodium[48]
Ciprofloxacin XR[46]
Lipid Fragment[51]
Phosphomethylphosphonic Acid Adenosyl Ester[51]
Thiamin Diphosphate[51]
Dornase Alfa[21]
Enediyne antibiotics[20]
IntercalatorActinomycin D[52]
Ethidium bromide[55]
Cis-[PtCl (NH3)2[58]
Methylene blue[60]
Mitomycin A[33]
Mitomycin C[20]
Minor groove binderBisbenzimide (Hoechst 33258)[63]
Di-imidazole lexitropsin[64]
Distamycin A[62]
ModulatorUracil mustard[45]
Hydroxystilbamidine Isethionate[23]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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