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TTD Target ID: TTDS00219

Target Information
Name30S ribosomal subunit    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
Synonyms30S ribosome subunit    
DiseaseBacterial infections    [1][2][3]
Drug(s)AmikacinApprovedBacterial infections[4]
ClomocyclineApprovedBacterial infections[5]
DemeclocyclineApprovedBacterial infections[6]
FramycetinApprovedBacterial infections[7]
KanamycinApprovedBacterial infections[8]
LymecyclineApprovedBacterial infections[9]
MeclocyclineApprovedBacterial infections[6]
MethacyclineApprovedBacterial infections[10]
MinocyclineApprovedBacterial infections[11]
NeomycinApprovedAcute hepatic failure and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver[12]
NetilmicinApprovedBacterial infections[13]
OxytetracyclineApprovedBacterial infections[6]
ParomomycinApprovedAcute and chronic intestinal amebiasis[14][15]
RolitetracyclineApprovedBacterial infections[16]
SpectinomycinApprovedBacterial infections[17]
StreptomycinApprovedBacterial infections[17][18]
TetracyclineApprovedBacterial infections[19]
TigecyclineApprovedBacterial infections[20]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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