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TTD Target ID: TTDS00418

Target Information
NameCytochrome P450 3A4    
Type of targetSuccessful target    
SynonymsAlbendazole monooxygenase    
Albendazole sulfoxidase    
Cytochrome P450 3A3    
Nifedipine oxidase    
Quinine 3-monooxygenase    
Taurochenodeoxycholate 6-alpha-hydroxylase    
DiseaseHypothalamic-pituitary ACTH function    [1]
Drug(s)ClotrimazoleApprovedFungal infections[2][3]
BioChemical ClassOxidoreductases acting on paired donors    
EC NumberEC
PathwayDrug metabolism - cytochrome P450
Drug metabolism - other enzymes
Linoleic acid metabolism
Metabolic pathways
Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P450
Retinol metabolism
gamma-Hexachlorocyclohexane degradation
UniProt IDP08684
PDB Structure1TQN; 1W0E; 1W0F; 1W0G; 2J0D; 2V0M.    
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Inhibitor (-)-clusin[4]
(-)-thujaplicatintrimethyl ether[4]
1- (3,4-DICHLOROPHENYL)-6-[8]
1- (4-Butoxy-phenyl)-1H-imidazole[9]
2,5-bis (4-hydroxybenzylidene)cyclopentanone[11]
2- (2-[12]
2- (4-Imidazol-1-yl-phenoxymethyl)-pyridine[9]
2-Fluoro-4-[5- (3-hydroxyphenyl)-2-thienyl]phenol[13]
2-[3- (4-Imidazol-1-yl-phenoxy)-propyl]-pyridine[9]
2-fluoro-5- (3-methylthiophen-2-yl)pyridine[5]
3,3- (1,3-Thiazole-2,5-diyl)diphenol[6]
3- (3-methylthiophen-2-yl)pyridine[5]
3- (5-[5]
3- (5-[1,3]dithiolan-2-yl-furan-2-yl)pyridine[5]
3- (pyridin-3-yl)prop-2-yn-1-amine[5]
3-[3- (4-Imidazol-1-yl-phenoxy)-propyl]-pyridine[9]
3-[3- (4-Methoxybenzyl)naphthalen-2-yl]pyridine[14]
3-[5- (4-Hydroxyphenyl)-3-thienyl]phenol[6]
3-methoxy-5- (6-methoxynaphthalen-2-yl)pyridine[15]
4- (6-Methoxynaphthalen-2-yl)isoquinoline[15]
4-[2- (4-Imidazol-1-yl-phenoxy)-ethyl]-morpholine[9]
4-[3- (4-Imidazol-1-yl-phenoxy)-propyl]-pyridine[9]
4-[5- (3-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-thienyl)-2-methyl]phenol[13]
4-[5- (3-Hydroxyphenyl)-3-thienyl]-2-methylphenol[13]
5- (2-phenethylpiperazin-1-yl)-1H-indazole[16]
5-Pyridin-3-yl-thiophene-2-carbaldehyde oxime[17]
6- (3,4-DICHLOROPHENYL)-1-[1-[8]
6- (3-hydroxyphenyl)-2-naphthol[18]
6-Pyridin-3-yl-3,4-dihydronaphthalen-2 (1H)-one[19]
Methyl- (5-pyridin-3-yl-thiophen-2-yl)-amine[17]
SK&F-96365,   SK-96365[34]
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Related Literature
On-Line Medical Dictionary
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