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Target NameAurora kinase A    
Type of TargetClinical trial target    
Drug Potency against TargetMK-5108IC50 = 0.064 nM[1]
VX-689IC50 = 0.064 nM[1]
VX-680IC50 = 0.6 nM[2]
VX-680IC50 = 0.7 nM[3]
VX-680IC50 = 0.7 nM[4]
MLN8237IC50 = 1 nM[3]
MLN8237IC50 = 1 nM[4]
PHA-739358IC50 = 13 nM[5]
PHA-739358IC50 = 13 nM[3]
PHA-739358IC50 = 13 nM[4]
ENMD-2076IC50 = 14 nM[3]
VX-680IC50 = 160 nM[5]
CYC116IC50 = 19 nM[4]
AT-9283IC50 = 3 nM[6]
AT9283IC50 = 3 nM[4]
AT9283IC50 = 3 nM[3]
SNS-314IC50 = 3.4 nM[4]
AZD1152IC50 = 3.7 nM[4]
MLN8054IC50 = 4 nM[4]
MLN8054IC50 = 4 nM[3]
MLN8054IC50 = 4 nM[2]
R763IC50 = 4 nM[7]
CYC-116IC50 = 44 nM[3]
CYC116IC50 = 44 nM[3]
ENMD-2076IC50 = 5 nM[4]
PF-03814735IC50 = 5 nM[8]
SU-6668IC50 = 850 nM[9]
SNS-314IC50 = 9 nM[3]
AZD1152Ki = 0.36 nM[10]
VX-680Ki = 0.6 nM[11]
VX-680Ki = 0.6 nM[12]
VX-680Ki = 0.6 nM[10]
PHA-739358Ki = 13 nM[13]
AT-9283Ki = 3 nM[14]
AT9283Ki = 3 nM[15]
R763Ki = 4 nM[16]
PF-03814735Ki = 5 nM[17]
CYC-116Ki = 8 nM[18]
ZM-447439IC50 = 110 nM[19]
GSK-1070916IC50 = 1259 nM[20]
7-fluoroindirubin-3-oximeIC50 = 2000 nM[21]
indirubin-3-acetoximeIC50 = 2300 nM[21]
PHA-680632IC50 = 27 nM[22]
indirubin-3-oximeIC50 = 4000 nM[21]
indirubin-3-methoximeIC50 = 4300 nM[21]
4-(1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridineIC50 = 584 nM[23]
6-bromoindirubin-3-oximeIC50 = 600 nM[21]
AZD-1152-HQPA;BarasertibKi = 1400 nM[24]
Action against Disease ModelMLN8237Active against neuroblastoma xenografts in vivo (more than standard chemotherapy) and ALL xenografts. Induced cytotoxicity and cell cycle arrest in G2-M phase in multiple myeloma cellular models (at 0.25 mM).[3]
The Effect of Target Knockout, Knockdown or Genetic VariationsTo understand the physiological functions of Aurora A, we generated Aurora A knock-out mice. Aurora A null mice die early during embryonic development before the 16-cell stage. These Aurora A null embryos have defects in mitosis, particularly in spindle assembly, supporting critical functions of Aurora A during mitotic transitions. Interestingly, Aurora A heterozygosity results in a significantly increased t uMor incidence in mice, suggesting that Aurora A may also act as a haploinsufficient t uMor suppressor. Consistently, Aurora A heterozygous mouse embryonic fibroblasts have higher rates of aneuploidy. We further discovered that VX-680, an Aurora kinase inhibitor currently in phase II clinical trials for cancer treatment, could induce aneuploidy in wild type mouse embryonic fibroblasts. We conclude that a balanced Aurora A level is critical for maintaining genomic stability and one needs to be fully aware of the potential side effects of anti-cancer therapy based on the use of Aurora A-specific inhibitors.[25]
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