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Target NameNeutrophil collagenase    
Type of TargetSuccessful target    
Drug Potency against TargetMarimastatIC50 = 2 nM[1]
2-(Biphenyl-4-ylsulfonyl)N-hydroxybenzamideIC50 = 1000 nM[2]
2-(biphenyl-4-ylsulfonamido)pentanedioic acidIC50 = 1024 nM[3]
3-(4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-propane-1-thiolIC50 = 1100 nM[4]
[2-(Biphenyl-4-sulfonyl)phenyl]acetic AcidIC50 = 290 nM[2]
BB-1101IC50 = 3 nM[5]
3-(4-Phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-propane-1-thiolIC50 = 4 nM[4]
CGS-27023AIC50 = 4.4 nM[6]
Ro-37-9790IC50 = 4.9 nM[7]
3-(4-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclohexanethiolIC50 = 585 nM[4]
N-Hydroxy-2-(4-phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)benzamideIC50 = 620 nM[2]
4-amino-3-(4-(hexyloxy)phenyl)-4-oxobutanoic acidIC50 = 670 nM[3]
Ro-32-3555IC50 = 7 nM[7]
3-(4-Phenoxy-benzenesulfonyl)-cyclohexanethiolIC50 = 8 nM[4]
SC-44463Ki = 0.7 nM[9]
IK-682Ki = 257 nM[10]
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