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Target NameBeta-2 adrenergic receptor    
Type of TargetSuccessful target    
Drug Potency against TargetFormoterolEC50 = 2.4 nM[1]
FenoterolEC50 = 74.5 nM[1]
Budesonide & formoterol fumarate dihydrateIC50 = 26 nM[2]
GSK642444IC50 = 420 nM[3]
GSK961081Ki < 10 nM[4]
GSK642444Ki = 123 nM[5]
L-796568IC50 = 2300 nM[6]
BRL-37344IC50 = 9.1 nM[7]
CGP-12177AKi = 0.1 nM[8]
GNF-PF-1694Ki = 0.145 nM[9]
ICI-118551Ki = 1 nM[10]
1-(2-isopropylphenoxy)-3-morpholinopropan-2-olKi = 1.2 nM[11]
(S,R)-(+)-fenoterolKi = 10300 nM[12]
2-fluoronorepinehprineKi = 15800 nM[14]
L-755507Ki = 160 nM[8]
(R,R)-(-)-fenoterolKi = 350 nM[12]
(R,S)-(-)-fenoterolKi = 3690 nM[12]
SDZ-201106Ki = 57.3 nM[9]
1-(2-allylphenoxy)-3-morpholinopropan-2-olKi = 7 nM[11]
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