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Target NameNoradrenergic re-uptake    
Type of TargetSuccessful target    
Drug Potency against TargetPhentermineEC50 = 39.4 nM[1]
PhenmetrazineEC50 = 50 nM[2]
MazindolED50 = 1.5 nM[3]
MilnacipranIC50 = 100 nM[4]
TrimipramineIC50 = 1000 nM[5]
MilnacipranIC50 = 106 nM[6]
NortriptylineIC50 = 177 nM[7]
DiethylpropionIC50 = 18100 nM[8]
BupropionIC50 = 190000 nM[9]
VenlafaxineIC50 = 216000 nM[10]
DesipramineIC50 = 3.4 nM[11]
PhentermineIC50 = 39.4 nM[12]
ReboxetineIC50 = 8 nM[13]
PhenmetrazineKi = 131 nM[1]
BupropionKi = 1900 nM[14]
MazindolKi = 2.88 nM[1]
DuloxetineKi = 2400 nM[15]
NortriptylineKi = 2600 nM[15]
DuloxetineKi = 4.6 nM[4]
Desvenalfaxine succinateKi = 558.4 nM[16]
VenlafaxineKi = 640 nM[17]
DesipramineKi = 8.32 nM[1]
DesipraminepKi < 5[18]
DuloxetinepKi < 5[18]
NortriptylinepKi < 5[18]
ImipraminepKi < 5[18]
DOV-216303Ki = 20.3 nM[19]
DOV 21947Ki = 22.8 nM[20]
DOV-21947Ki = 22.8 nM[20]
Desvenlafaxine SRKi = 558.4 nM[16]
R-sibutramine metaboliteKi = 66 nM[21]
Action against Disease ModelSibutramineUptake of 3H-dopamine in rat whole brain synaptosomes IC50: 2000 nM[22]
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