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Target NameVoltage-dependent T-type calcium channel alpha-1G subunit    
Type of TargetSuccessful target    
Drug Potency against TargetMethsuximideIC50 = 1100000 nM[1]
PregabalinIC50 = 16800 nM[2]
VerapamilIC50 = 250 nM[3]
TrimethadioneIC50 = 369000 nM[4]
EthosuximideIC50 = 7000 nM[1]
cis-N,5-dibenzyl-6-oxomorpholine-3-carboxamideIC50 = 1010 nM[5]
KYS-05065IC50 = 1040 nM[6]
KYS-05042IC50 = 110 nM[6]
KYS-05042IC50 = 110 nM[7]
KYS-05001IC50 = 1160 nM[8]
KYS-05050IC50 = 130 nM[9]
KYS-05040IC50 = 14400 nM[10]
KKHT-20818IC50 = 1520 nM[11]
KKHT-10608IC50 = 16870 nM[11]
KYS-05041IC50 = 170 nM[7]
KKHT-20918IC50 = 1950 nM[11]
KKHT-10618IC50 = 2080 nM[11]
KKHT-10318IC50 = 2460 nM[11]
KYS-05041IC50 = 250 nM[12]
KYS-05080IC50 = 260 nM[6]
KKHT-11018IC50 = 3380 nM[11]
KYS-05055IC50 = 350 nM[6]
KKHT-20718IC50 = 3720 nM[11]
KYS-05056IC50 = 380 nM[6]
KYS-05090IC50 = 41 nM[6]
KYS-05077IC50 = 4200 nM[9]
KYS-05057IC50 = 630 nM[6]
KKHT-10609IC50 = 9230 nM[11]
KYS-05064IC50 = 960 nM[12]
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