IV. Objects in MODSIM III

   4.1 Object:

                              ASK Car54  TO  ReportPosition
                                                     /|\                     /|\
                                                object             method
                                                               one of several methods

                                        Note: object includes methods (functions) and
                                        fields (data).

                                        In this case field of object is hidden, it is the
                                        value returned by method.

   4.2 Capabilities:

   4.3. Object Type Declaration / Object Declaration:    4.4. METHOD declarations:  
4.5. Invoking an Object's ASK and TELL METHODs. 4.6. Referencing an Object's Fields:
  4.7  Hierarchical Object Types: 4.8. Object Inheritance:


4.9 Overriding Methods: 4.10 PRIVATE Fields and Methods: