V. Generating Graphics and Graphs in MODSIM III:
      The use of SIMGRAPHICS II.

5.1. Graphics Objects in MODSIM III



5.2. Ways to add graphics:

5.3. A Simple Program: 5.4. More examples:
  5.5 Program of a Small Graphical Simulation: 5.6. Graphs in MODSIM III.
5.7. A program for using a chart:
  5.8. Creating graphics and graphs using SIMDRAW.

SIMDRAW is an interactive menu based program for creating and editing SIMGRAPHICS II objects. These objects can be used for animation, presentation graphics, and interactive graphical input. Types of objects include images, dialog boxes, menu bars, palettes, and various charts and graphs. These objects are saved to and loaded from SIMGRAPHICS II ".sg2" files that can be accessed by a MODSIM III program.