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CZ3252/LSM3241: Bioinformatics and Biocomputing

LSM3241: Synopsis
Prerequisite: LSM2102, LSM2104 and LSM3231
Fundamentals in biological information. Extracting structure information from sequence: protein homology modeling. Computer algorithms for extracting function information from literature. Advanced bioinformatics and molecular modeling. Projects related to real scenarios in research laboratories in NUS, research institutes and centres.

CZ3252: Synopsis
Prerequisites: CZ2251/LSM2104, LSM2102
This course covers biological information processing including advanced bioinformatics and molecular modeling: extracting structure information from sequences, protein homology modeling, and spatial comparative modeling for building 3D structures. Development of and use of algorithms for extracting structure information from literature, including protein identification. A project report on a team project based on current research activities at NUS and affiliated research institutes/ centers will be required.


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