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    The Therapeutically Relevant Multiple Pathways Database is designed to provide information about such multiple pathways and related therpaeutic targets described in the literatures, the targeted disease conditions, and the corresponding drugs/ligands directed at each of these targets. This database currently contains 11 entries of multiple pathways, 97 entries of individual pathways, 120 targets covering 72 disease conditions along with 120 sets of drugs directed at each of these targets. Each entry can be retrieved through multiple methods including multiple pathway name, individual pathway name and disease name. Additional information provided include protein name, synonyms, Swissprot AC number, species, gene name and location, protein sequence (AASEQ) and gene sequence (NTSEQ) as well as potential therapeutic implications while applicable. Cross-links to other databases are provided which include Genecard, GDB, Locuslink, NCBI, KEGG, OMIM, SwissProt to facilitate the access of more detailed information about various aspects of the particular target or non-target protein.

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Preliminary: Use of TRMP for commercial purposes is not allowed.

Citation: C.J.Zheng, H. Zhou, B. Xie, L.Y. Han, C.W. Yap, and Y. Z. Chen.(2004) TRMP: A Database of Therapeutically Relevant Multiple-Pathways, Bioinformatics. 20(14): 2236-41

Last update: 1/1/2004


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